Tyra Banks: 'Enough of the damn emails'

Story highlights

  • The model and TV personality quoted Bernie Sanders in a CNN interview Saturday
  • Banks says Hillary Clinton wants to be “transparent” about new email probe

“I actually don’t think there’s anything new. To quote Bernie Sanders, ‘enough of the damn emails,'” she said.

“We are here to unite to the country, to have hope and not to have hate. That is why I’m here. So enough of that,” she added.

Banks also described her “personal connection” to Clinton, who she met eight years ago on her talk show. It was then, she told Whitfield, that Clinton impressed her, after rejecting the offer of receiving her questions in advance.

“So I asked her, when she got to the set, right before she was about to walk out, I said, ‘Why did you do that?’ And she said, ‘I just want to be real, raw, prepared for whatever you want to talk about, and I trust I’m going to be able to rise to the occasion of whatever you say.’ I was just like, ‘Oh, my gosh.’ That’s unheard of,” Banks said.

The former “America’s Next Top Model” host also praised Clinton’s response to the the new email probe.

“The amazing thing is, Hillary said release it all. She wants to be transparent,” Banks said.

“So, let’s move away from that and focus on the future of this country. Let’s focus on the issues,” she added.

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