Celebs get in on #MannequinChallenge

Story highlights

  • The goal is to freeze like a mannequin
  • 2 Chainz noted a connection with his new song

In case you haven’t heard, the Mannequin Challenge appears to be this year’s Harlem shake.

The goal is to simply hold a pose and mimic mannequins.

The more folks who particpate, the better the picture. Some people are taking it next level, including a group of pole dancers who appear to be defying gravity.

Naturally, celebrities had to get in on the craze.

Kevin Hart enlisted some friends at the gym for his freeze frame.

Super producer Diplo tagged his the “baby birthday mannequin challenge.”

The timing was auspicious for rapper 2 Chainz.

The new video for his song “Countin” features people who appear to be doing the challenge.

2 Chainz tweeted “Crazy how the Countin video came out & the #mannequinchallenge took off.”

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