After the Department of Education and the Department of Justice rescinded Obama administration guidance regarding transgender students in February, the Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights has received new guidance on how to deal with cases of discrimination against transgender students.

The instructions, issued to employees last week, say officials should rely on “Title IX and its implementing regulations … in evaluating complaints of sex discrimination against individuals whether or not the individual is transgender.”

An employee familiar with the guidance ― which was obtained by HuffPost and can be read in full below ― says he interprets this to mean that officials should investigate issues of discrimination just as they would have before the Obama-era rules were implemented. 

The Obama administration called on school districts to treat a student’s gender identity as their sex. After rescinding this guidance, Trump administration agencies sent a letter saying the issue should be decided at the local level.

Groups that advocate for LGBTQ students are meeting with Department of Education officials Friday morning for more clarification. 

Read the full guidance below:

Ocr Instructions by rhklein on Scribd

This is a developing story and will be updated.