Graffiti On HBCU Campus Reveals Tension, Refers To School As 'Trump's Plantation'

A number of people weren’t too happy when HBCU leaders met with President Donald Trump at the White House on Monday to discuss the state of their institutions.

This includes students at Howard University, who say the meeting has created tension on campus. 

At least one person expressed their disdain through graffiti, with one message describing university President Wayne A.I. Frederick as the “overseer” of “the Trump plantation”:

Other graffiti accused Frederick of “coonin’ for Howard” and stated that he didn’t “care about black people.” 

“Overall, there’s been feelings of unrest and it’s definitely been a controversial couple of days for the Howard community,” Howard sophomore Maya King told The Huffington Post. “I think students have a right to voice their opinions and this is something that we haven’t seen in a while, at least on this level.” 

Howard freshman and student activist Jonathan Mason said he thought the graffiti was “very poignant and very necessary.”

“It creates the thought process that’s necessary to take all of this in in the right context,” he said. 

Because the below photos were all compiled in one tweet, we’ve posted them individually underneath. 

Lil Dej from 103rd/Twitter

“HBCU initiative? Wayne coonin’ for Howard? Not on my watch!”

Lil Dej from 103rd/Twitter

“Wayne Frederick doesn’t care about black people.”

Lil Dej from 103rd/Twitter

“Stay woke.”

Lil Dej from 103rd/Twitter

“Make HBCU’s black again.”

Jaimee Swift, Howard doctoral student and editor-at-large of Howard’s student-run newspaper, The Hilltop, was not impressed with Trump’s attempts to work with HBCUs. 

“Trump is the very antithesis of what Howard University represents,” Swift said. “His racist, discriminatory, sexist and xenophobic remarks and sentiments are against the very ideals of black liberation … Just like oil and water, Trump and Howard don’t mix.”

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