28 Hilarious Comics That Sum Up Life As A Teacher

Irish primary school teacher Colm Cuffe is passionate about cartooning and animation.

“I incorporate art as much as possible in my classroom to engage my students in active learning and to encourage their creativity,” he told HuffPost.

One way Cuffe fosters his own creativity is through “When’s it Hometime?” ― his hilarious comic strip about life as a teacher. 

Colm Cuffe/ Whens it Hometime

″‘When’s it Hometime?’ originated out of conversations with other teacher friends of mine who shared funny situations and cute anecdotes from the classroom,” he explained. “I thought these stories would make great material for a comic strip.”

The title of the project comes from one of his teacher friends, who said a student of hers used to constantly ask, “When’s it hometime?” during the school day. 

Colm Cuffe/ Whens it Hometime

Cuffe had been working on “When’s it Hometime?” for a few months as a hobby when he decided to share his work online after getting positive feedback from “Simpsons” creator Matt Groening at a 2016 table read.

“I showed him the comic,” Cuffe recalled, “and he said, ‘You have a confident style’ and asked, ‘Do you have an online presence?’” His Facebook page now has over 15,000 followers. 

Colm Cuffe/ Whens it Hometime

Cuffe told HuffPost he hopes his comics resonate with others and bring smiles to their faces. “I also hope that the comics illustrate the hard work, compassion and care that teachers provide our students every day,” he said.

Keep scrolling and visit “When’s it Hometime?” on Facebook for more hilarious comics.

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